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The Computing Center of the Free University of Brussels (VUB) has put up an anonymous FTP-file server for PCP. The server is freely available for everybody on the Internet, including those who can't use WWW as yet. Most of the files available on this server are in ASCII format, and should be retrieved as text. The .txt file suffix denotes pure text files, that can be read as such. The .tex suffix denotes ASCII files formatted in LaTeX which should ideally be processed by a LaTeX editor in order to reconstruct formats, formulas and figures, but where the text is mostly readable as such.

The following is an overview of the PCP-ftp directories, first the root directory, followed by a list of the contents of the most important subdirectories. Much of the introductory material here is also available in a more handy format (HTML) on the PCP Web, but most of the longer texts (papers, discussions, proceedings, ...) have not yet been reconstructed as hypertext, and are only available here.

Root PCP directory

  • Misc.Info : contains diverse information (reports, bibliography, ...) on activities related to PCP, such as WWW.
  • News: contains newsletters and reports on PCP activities.
  • Nodes: contains preliminary versions of hypertext nodes about basic systems concepts (not in WWW format).
  • Notes_on_PCP.txt: gives an overview of PCP similar to the one proposed in the Web.
  • PCP-Web: provides a mirror of the Web on ftp.
  • PRNCYB-L: contains discussions and lists of members from the PRNCYB-L mailing list.
  • Papers_Heylighen: contains PCP-related papers by PCP-editor Francis Heylighen.
  • Papers_Joslyn: contains PCP-related papers by PCP-editor Cliff Joslyn.
  • Papers_Others: contains PCP-related papers by other contributors.
  • Papers_Turchin: contains PCP-related papers by PCP-editor Valentin Turchin.
  • Software: contains some hypertext software (including the "HyperVision" application, a simple hypertext (not WWW) viewer and editor for MS-DOS, developed by the Walden programmers group).
  • Texts_General: contains introductory or overview papers by the editors collectively, and collected contributions of others.
  • WF-issue: contains draft papers contributed by the editors and others for a special issue of "World Futures: the journal of general evolution" devoted to the theory of Metasystem Transitions, first proposed by V. Turchin, which forms the core of the PCP philosophy
  • _README.txt: overview of how to use the FTP server.





(for a more complete list, see Joslyn's homepage )


Papers by V. Turchin

PRNCYB-L discussions


"World Futures" Special Issue on the Theory of Metasystem Transitions

This FTP directory contains draft papers contributed by the editors and others for a special issue of "World Futures: the journal of general evolution"(1995 or 1996): "The Quantum of Evolution: Toward a theory of metasystem transitions", edited by F. Heylighen, C. Joslyn and V. Turchin.

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