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Contributing to the Principia Cybernetica Project

People who have added something to the Principia Cybernetica Project, but who are not themselves members of the Project's Editorial Board are called "contributors". There are many ways in which one can contribute: by writing papers for PCP publications, by presenting papers at PCP organized conferences, by discussing PCP themes on the PRNCYB-L mailing list, or especially by submitting material for inclusion in the Web. You can also directly enter an annotation with comments to an existing node. All contributions are added to the growing Web of cross-referenced PCP documents, and remain available as such.

Many different people have already contributed in one of these ways to the Project's development. You too can join our efforts and become a contributor (see Collaborators Needed). If you would like to help, you may check the list of tasks where we would appreciate support. If you have already contributed something to the Web or to PCP at large, you are invited to add your name and personal coordinates or comments to the Web, by annotating the List of Contributors.

Finally, it is also possible to do research for a PhD or as a PostDoc with PCP people, and prepare a dissertation on one of the project's main themes.

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