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About Vladimir Red'ko

Dr. Vladimir G. Red'ko
  • Physicist, Cybernetician
  • Member of the Russian Neural Networks Society

Address: Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, 4 Miusskaya sq., Moscow RU-125047, Russia
E-mail: redko[ at ]
Fax +7 (095) 972-0737
Phone +7 (095) 250-7802 (office)

Research Interests:

Evolutionary biocybernetics, Evolution of biological information systems, Problem of human logic origin, Problem of applicability of human logic to the cognition of nature.

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Biographical Sketch

Vladimir G. Red’ko received Ph.D. (from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) and Doctor of Science (from State Research and Development Institute of Physical Problems) degrees in 1978 and 1995, respectively.

V.G. Red’ko has worked in several industrial Research and Development Institutes (State R & D Institute of Physical Problems, Central R & D Technological Institute, R & D Institute of Materials Science) in Moscow. During the work at above-mentioned institutes Red’ko has been theoretically investigating the dynamics of magnetic domain walls and vertical Bloch lines (these objects are nonlinear, soliton-like entities), as well as the physical basis of magnetic microelectronic devices. Presently, he is a Senior Researcher in the Sector of Nonlinear Dynamics, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Since 1979 Red’ko turned his scientific interests to the problem: “Why and how did highly organized biological information systems arise through evolution?” He has developed several mathematical models describing biocybernetic properties at very early stages of biological evolution. Some of these models (e.g. the Spin-glass model of evolution and the Adaptive syser) are described in the PCP node Models of molecular-genetic systems origin.

Red’ko has proposed a methodology of evolutionary biocybernetics. The methodology pays special attention to 1) mathematical models of key cybernetic properties of biological organisms, 2) the evolution of animal cognition abilities, 3) the problem of the origin of human logic, and 4) the interdisciplinary character of evolutionary biocybernetics research. This methodology is summarized in his paper “Towards the evolutionary biocybernetics.”

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