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Metaphysical immortality

One concept of immortality we find in the traditional great religions. We designate it as metaphysical immortality. It is known as immortality of soul, life after death, etc. The immortality as understood in the classical religions I designate as metaphysical. Metempsychosis, the lore of migration of souls, is also a variation on this theme. The basic feature of metaphysical immortality is that it is limited to the conceptual sphere. No physical reality takes part in forming this concept. In fact, the concept defies physical reality and proclaims the reality of a different kind -- call it spiritual, or metaphysical. The protest against death is used here as a stimulus to accept the teaching; after all, from the very beginning it promises immortality. Under the influence of the critical scientific method, the metaphysical notions of immortality, once very concrete and appealing, are becoming increasingly abstract and pale; old religious systems are slowly but surely losing their influence.

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Sep 1991


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