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Principia Cybernetica Library: papers

The following are some classic papers on cybernetic that can be freely downloaded from this site. They complement the classic books downloadable from another page. A more extensive bibliography of classic papers with comments is also available.

Suggestions of other papers to include that are already available elsewhere on the web are most welcome: contact the webmaster.

Ashby, W. R. 1958. Requisite variety and its implications for the control of complex systems. Cybernetica 1, no. 2:83-99.

Ashby, W. R. 1962. Principles of the self-organizing system. Principles of Self-Organization 255-278.

Ashby, W. R. The Contribution of Information Theory to Pathological Mechanisms in Psychiatry , BCL 164, fiche #9, 16-31.

Bateson, G. 1969. The position of humor in human communication. Motivation in humor 159-166.

Boulding, K. E. 1956. General Systems Theory-The Skeleton of Science. Management Science 2, no. 3:197-208.

Conant, R.C. & Ashby, W.R., 1970. Every good regulator of a system must be a model of that system. International Journal of Systems Science, 1(2), p.89-97.

von Foerster, H. 1984. On constructing a reality. The invented reality 41-61.

von Foerster, H. 1966. From stimulus to symbol: The economy of biological computation. Sign, Image, Symbol, Braziller, New York, NY.

Lettvin, J. Y., H. R. Maturana, W. S. McCulloch, and W. H. Pitts. 1959. What the frog's eye tells the frog's brain. Proc. IRE 47, no. 11:1940-59.

Maruyama, M. 1963. Deviation-amplifying mutual causal processes. American Scientist 51:164.

Maturana, H. R. 1974. Cognitive strategies. Cybernetics of cybernetics 457-469.

Rosenblueth, A., N. Wiener, and J. Bigelow. 1943. Behavior, Purpose and Teleology. Philosophy of Science 10, no. 1:18-24.

Shannon, C. E. 1948. A mathematical theory of communication Bell Syst. Tech. J 27, no. 3:379-423.

Simon, H.A., 1962. The architecture of complexity. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 106(6), 467-482.

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