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IAC - International Association for Cybernetics

The International Association for Cybernetics was incorporated at Namur, on January 6th, 1957. The idea to incorporating an International Association was born following to the 1st International Congress on Cybernetics held in 1956. Its tenth anniversary was commemorated in 1967 in presence of its Majesty the King of Belgium. Since 1971, it is recognized by the UNESCO as a nongovernmental organization of mutual information.

Aims of the Association:

  • - to ensure a permanent and organized connection between researchers whose work in various countries is related to different sectors of Cybernetics,
  • - to promote the development of this science and of its technical applications as well as the dissemination of results obtained in this field.

The Association has developed and is still developing the following activities:

  • - Organization of international congresses on cybernetics and publication of the proceedings relevant to these congresses.
    • Since 1956, 14 congresses have been organized and all were held at Namur.
  • - Organization of colloquia, meetings and symposia dedicated to various subjects relating to Cybernetics or collaboration to the organization of similar manifestations.
  • - Contacts with people and organizations involved in Cybernetics:
    1. by means of our review CYBERNETICA and our quarterly NEWSLETTER;
    2. through Affiliated Associations;
    3. members are called upon to represent the Association on various congresses.
  • - Spreading information related to the development and application of Cybernetics.

President: Prof. Jean Ramaekers (Belgium),

Secretariat: International Association for Cybernetics
Palais des Expositions,
Place Andre Rijkmans,
5000 Namur (Belgium)

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Jean Ramaekers

Mar 14, 1994


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