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A model can be represented by an object in such a manner that the potential user of the model would be able to create the original model if he has the representation. In particular, any piece of knowledge can be represented in this way. This is a case of objectification. A a metasystem transition takes place: a model, which is a process, "becomes" (not really -- it is only represented by) an object; now we can manipulate these objectified models, modify them and study them, thus creating models of (objectified) models.

Some of these objectified models are not intended for a direct use, that is to say, they must not be used for obtaining predictions. They are used only as inputs to other models, so that those other models could do ingenious predictions and serve as a basis for decision making. We call such objectified models historic records. The manner in which they are used can be usually described as updating. That is, the user takes a historic record, modifies it according to some principles - may be with the use of other models, and derives the model to be actually used for the generation of predictions.

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