Here are some of the best pictures from Niya’s still very short life, in chronological order. See her grow, become more autonomous, and develop into the explorer that she was born to be. (photos and processing by Francis.)
Niya the Explorer
Tagged with her name in the hospital box (16 hours old)
Discovering her crib
(1 month old)
Enjoying a warm bath and mama’s caress (2 months)
Staring out in astonishment at the world (4.5 months)
A good dry rubbing after the bath (6 months)
First steps still need support
(8.5 months)
A good stretch after a relaxing nap (11 months)
Lost in the forest (or nearly so)
(1 year)
Building blocks in endless combinations (13 months)
Collecting flowers in the garden(17.5 months)
With some flowers picked from the garden (19 months)
Sand is such fun, especially with other kids’ toys (22 months)
More vessels to experiment with (22 months)
A first exploration of the mountains (22 months)
With snow to be discovered, I can stand the cold (2 years)
Don’t eat the daisies! (2.5 years)
Up in the woods on the mountain (nearly 3 years)
Adventure here I come!
(nearly 3 years)
Scanning the horizon
(nearly 3 years)
The waves do not frighten me... (nearly 3 years)
Buried alive in the sands!
(nearly 3 years)