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The Need for Principia Cybernetica

Principia Cybernetica's aim can be defined as: integrating the knowledge available in the domain of cybernetics and systems science with the help of cybernetic methods, as a first step towards integrating the whole of human knowledge available in the different disciplines. This enterprise can be motivated by the following observations:
  1. knowledge at large is fragmented and in dire need of unification
  2. cybernetics and systems science seems at present to be the only approach capable of bringing this kind of integration
  3. cybernetics and systems science itself is in dire need of unification
  4. integrating cybernetics requires an approach similar to what Principia Mathematica did for mathematics
  5. however, as cybernetics is more complex, fuzzy and variable than mathematics, more powerful collaborative methods are needed to unify cybernetic knowledge
  6. therefore, we need to formulate a number of more specific goals for the collaborative development of Principia Cybernetica

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Introduction to Principia Cybernetica

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Principia Cybernetica as a Universal Knowledge System for Cybernetics and Systems Science

Specific Goals for Principia Cybernetica


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