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Subscription to the Global Brain mailing list

The Global Brain mailing list, GBRAIN-L, is an email discussion forum associated with the Global Brain Institute (formerly the Global Brain Group). It is intended for a selected group of people interested in this subject to freely discuss all aspects and implications of the emerging Global Brain.

In order to be considered for joining the Global Brain mailing list, please copy the following form into an email message, fill it in, and send it to Francis Heylighen at fheyligh at Thank you for your patience in allowing a few days for your submission to be processed. If your submission is accepted, you will be subscribed and receive a "Welcome to gbrain" message at your email address. From that moment on, you will be able to post to the mailing list with your questions or comments. The form you fill in below will be distributed on the mailing list in order to introduce you and your interests to the other members.
  • Name:
  • Email address:
    (important: write the exact address where you would like to receive gbrain messages, and from which you are likely to send messages to the list. You cannot send and receive at two different addresses)
  • URL of your home page:
  • Affiliations:
  • How did you hear about the Global Brain mailing list?
  • Please take at least half a page to describe your interest and ideas with respect to the concept of a Global Brain. If you have written relevant texts about this subject, please include the references (URL or bibliographical):

Once you have been subscribed, you can automatically unsubscribe at any moment, by sending a message containing only the following two lines of text:
unsubscribe gbrain 
in the body of the message (subject can be empty) to the address majordomo[ at ] If the address from which you send this message is different from the one that you subscribe with, then add the latter address at the end of the first line, e.g. "unsubscribe gbrain jdoe[ at ]".

Please note that you cannot automatically subscribe in this way: subscriptions must be performed manually by the list administrator, Francis Heylighen.

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