We are not arguing that hypertext networks should be modelled as associative webs of information, because they would as such correspond to a certain associative model of human memory. This argument is based on a facile parallel that [Mc Knigh et al, 1991] righfully rejects.
However, it is our view that as human browsers try to locate and retrieve information from hypertext networks they have no experience with (a very common experience for WWW browser, because the network is so large and varied), they have no other choice then to rely on their common-sense knowledge of generally understood associations. Wether these expectations are congruent with those of the hypertext designers (and the actual local structure of the network) will determine wether the browser will succesfully navigate through the network and retrieve the desired information. Therefore, it is our view that hypertext networks should be made associative networks for more efficient browsing, they need not necessary be modelled as such.