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Principia Cybernetica Web and the "Best of the Web" awards

Principia Cybernetica Web has participated in the 1994 "Best of the Web" awards, an international competition for the best services on the World-Wide Web. PCP Web was originally nominated for the category "Document Design" with the following quotation:

Principia Cybernetica Web

Dr. Francis Heylighen et al, Free U. of Brussels

Now this is hypertext! Over 600 documents of profuse hypertext. Several methods of navigating the library, including menus, indexes, and a graphical browser. The subject matter of cybernetics is very closely related to the Web itself.

After the free voting procedure, PCP Web ended up with a "Honorable Mention" for the "Document Design" category. The award in this category went to "Travels with Samantha", a narrative with lots of splendid color photographs and an interesting story, but nothing much in the area of hypertext design.

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F. Heylighen,

Jul 19, 1994


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