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Why not the Objective Knowledge?

    I am currently writing thesis on Evolutionism in Systems Theory, Phylosophy of Science and Methodology of Economics. The article I just read has really impresed me (as it usually happens when you find out somebody beautifully said something what you only felt for some time and thus confirmed your intuition). 
    But... is the memetics a real school of thought? How does it differ from Popper's Objective Knowledge (knowing withou subject)?
     And... if the memes does form the human structures (and humanity itsels) was not Plato finaly right? Are not our individual thoughts (compared with memes) only kind of feelings answering the forming preasure of some meme players? This reminds me an article I wrote on Shamanism couple years ago. 
    Or... does not memetics look more radical than an evolutionary approaches only because we are still used to put a human being into the center of the whole cosmos. Why not to consider the popperian third world of memes as an organism (or society) itself or a noosphere with different species?
What is so different on knowledge? Is it so bad to feel myself as a cell (or would an ogan feel better)?
    Would you recomend me some more "memetic literature" or sources except those of F. Heylighen's on Knowledge Selection Criteria? Thank you in advance.

Radek Adamec

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Radek Adamec (adara[at]

Dec 6, 2000


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