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Bernd Hornung's Glossary definitions

The definitions in the Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems noted "(Hornung)" are excerpted from two reports by Bernd Hornung (with colleagues):

1)A list of definitions concerning evaluation and technology assessment in English. There is a more substantial list concerning also system and management directly in German, which would need to be translated.

2) The EUROCARDS glossary on smart cards. It has been published in: Pernice, A.; Doare, H.; Rienhoff, O. (eds.): Healthcare Card Systems: EUROCARDS Concerted Action Results and Recommendations. Technology and Informatics 22, Amsterdam; IOS Press 1995. Annex p. 185 ff.

Bernd Hornung

Institut Fuer Medizinische Informatik
Philipps-Universitaet Marburg
Bunsenstr. 3
3550 Marburg

Tel. +6421-28-6206

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