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in relation to a set of distinguishable elements, either (l) the number of distinct elements, or (2) the logarithm to the base 2 of that number, the context indicating the sense used. When variety is measured in the logarithmic form, its unit is the bit," a contraction of "BInary digiT." (Ashby, 1956, P. 126)

the amount of output from a system is limited by the variety possible within the system and/or the variety of input to the system. The number of possible alternative communications between the two systems is limited by that system having the fewest output alternatives and/or the fewest input alternatives. (Charles E. Osgood)

That aggregate (see aggregation) property of a set, collection or variable indicating the number of mutually exclusive alternatives available within it. Variety may be expressed either by the simple number of distinct elements (see degree of freedom) or by the dual logarithm thereof (see uncertainty, bit). (Krippendorff))
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