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Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems

This dictionary is a combination (with permission) of theASC Glossary, Krippendorff's Dictionary andHornung's Glossary. The author of each definition is mentioned at the end of a section. References to authors without hyperlinks can be found in the references of the ASC Glossary page. The original texts were compiled and converted to hypertext by Francis Heylighen, helped by An Vranckx.

This dictionary is provided as part of Cybernetics and Systems Theory in the Principia CyberneticaWeb, which contains additional definitions of some concepts not found here. More general dictionaries, including a Non-linearity and Complexity Glossary, an extensive Dictionary of Computing terms, Mathematical Programming Glossary and Dictionary of Cell Biology, are available elsewhere on the Web. Most of these, including the present one, are searchable through a single interface: the OneLook Dictionaries.

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