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a configuration (a human made image) of reality used and an "argument" in support of the reality of this configuration. I use the word "evidence" only rarely, and then with embarrassment. Samefacedly I am forced to admit that I am a member, and speak the languages, of such societies as must not yet be encouraged to waive the "argument" and to deal directly with the configuration as the only reality worth dealing with. Not yet: because "evidence," now, is reality against change, and change, now, reality against "evidence." Shamefacedly: because, as long as the word which I wish to define, defines me, I cannot define it, without defining myself, whom I desire to be defined quite differently. Worth dealing with: because, even then, "truth" would not be. I wish I could use the word "evidence" whenever I wish to speak of "desires" fulfilled, and the consequences, as "arguments" for or against the desirability of the fulfillment. (H. Brun)

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