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(1) an organism with a machine built into it with consequent modification of function; (2) an organism which is part animal and part machine. Since some theorists regard organisms as biological machines, we must define our terms further. An animal will be defined as a creature whose elements are the result of "small loop autopoiesis." That is the creature creates itself but the parts are the result of localized processes. Mind is not involved in the production of the parts. Mind results from the functioning of the parts but is manifested in the external behavior of the organism. A cyborg, then, is a creature composed of some parts constructed without the benefit of mind and some parts constructed with the benefit of mind. Furthermore the parts must be of greater than molecular size. A creature with aspirin in its body is not a cyborg. A creature with an artificial heart is a cyborg. Under this definition, animals with donated hearts, kidneys or retinas would also be cyborgs. (Umpleby)

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